Blueskytec has developed a range of solutions to secure the increasing variety of internet-enabled devices:- Internet of Things, Industrial Control Systems and Personal Transport.

We have a range of standard products which can be purchased and used in your systems and we have a range of modules that can be used as a standard set of building blocks from which to construct your IoT device, safe in the knowledge that the security is taken care of.

Our current products cover Protection and Attack of Industrial Control Systems, and Tracking Systems, with more being added monthly. Our products are currently being certified to meet a number of standards-FIPS140-2 Level 3/4 and IL level 4/5.

Our module solutions may be purchased as standalone products ready for your software, or you can integrate them into your existing products. We provide a consultancy service, in support of our technology, to help you with this.

Our cyber security systems are integrated across both hardware and software at chip and module level and we have a number of customisable products for you to use.

Blueskytec has applied its experience of over three decades of working in the field of embedded systems and security, to provide security hardened, scalable technology for IoT, ICS and PT devices that is patent-pending and designed to meet the forthcoming international standards.