Cyber Security and IoT

Security, at its very heart, requires only one thing…a shared secret. Without this there can be no trust and therefore no security. By its very nature software must run on hardware and if the hardware cannot be trusted then neither can the software.

Traditional IoT systems have no security. These devices are currently not only hackable themselves, but provide an open door to more critical systems within your networks.

Systems engineers have been adding internet capability to a variety of devices for many years now, but cyber security has been seen as too expensive to include in the requirements.

Data is set to become the #1 commodity generated and traded in the decades to come. But in order to be able to rely on big data to make decisions, internet enabled devices must be secure. 

Senior Management need data to make critical decisions for the business, but the only way to know that the data is accurate, three elements are critical.  You must be able to:

  • Trust your data source
  • Authenticate that the data comes from your trusted source
  • Ensure the data remains private through the transmission, and has not been tampered with

Your network is a well-protected and secure environment to conduct business. However, with the thousands of devices that employees and contractors bring to work each day, how can you be absolutely sure that their devices are not providing a vulnerability to attack your network…?

A network is only as strong as the weakest link in its weakest device.

The list of losses through hacks is growing every day and regulatory requirements are just around the corner.  BST can help you stay ahead of the cyber criminals and regulatory authorities and deliver bottom line growth for the business:

How Blueskytec can help

BST has applied its experience of over three decades of working in the field of embedded systems and encryption to provide a scalable and appropriate technology for IoT devices. Our systems have been designed specifically to overcome the unique challenges of protecting IoT.

Designed for military, CNI and
high bandwidth environments
Specifically designed for IoT devices
with low bit rates
High Cost for limited deployment Low cost modules that can be distributed globally
Significant Power Consumption Minimal power required
No size constraints and often cumbersome Small enough to be worn on (or in) the body
Specific protection Flexible device to allow OEM engineers to provide bespoke functions
Cannot be hacked, copied, reverse engineered, altered, subverted or programmed