Blueskytec has developed a range of solutions to secure the increasing variety of internet-enabled devices. Our solutions are used as a standard set of building blocks, from which, to construct your IoT device, safe in the knowledge that the security is taken care of.

Our solutions may be purchased as standalone products ready for your software, or you can integrate them into your existing products. We provide a consultancy service, in support of our technology, to help you with this.

Our systems are integrated across both hardware and software at chip and module level and we have a number of customisable products for you to use.


Low Cost, HUMS & Tracking

Available Now


World-wide HUMS & Tracking

Available Now


Industrial Controller

Available Now


Ultra low cost, limited HUMS + tracking

Available Q1 2018


Extensive HUMS for Industrial & Automotive

Available Q2 2018

For a summary of all of our modules please refer to our module product range download.