Module Overview
The M12pico is an ultra-miniature electronic module that integrates communications, cyber security and sensors into a single IoT device. The M12pico is a very low cost device, with limited processing power and storage, aimed at smart cities, sensors, actors and compound devices. It has GRPS and Bluetooth connectivity and therefore can be used where there is mobile phone coverage.

The M12pico has a full suite of hardware-hardened security features for cyber security, including Trust Anchor, Secure Boot, Authentication and Encryption.The module also integrates sensors for GPS POSITION, MOVEMENT, VIBRATION, AUDIO and AMBIENT TEMPERATURE with GSM, GPRS and BLUETOOTH communications.

This technology can be leveraged into a number of consumer products including:

  • tracking of autonomous personal vehicles
  • smart sensors
  • marine applications
  • industrial monitoring and general tracking
  • monitoring and control applications.

More information including full technical specifications available here for download.