Products and Services

Security for IoT requires a complete end-to-end, whole-life approach. This requires an OEM to have a complete solution for the IoT device, from management of user keys through to encrypted and authenticated updates. This has been highlighted in the proposed US cyber-security bill, known as The Internet of Things Cyber-Security Act 2017.

Software only products even if they are “cyber certified” are vulnerable, unless they run on certified hardware. This requires certified hardware and software at the IoT but also processes and procedures for the OEM and their clients.

Blueskytec has a range of services and products to help guide you through this maze of IoT security development.

We can provide you with off-the-shelf modules that allow you to construct your products from initial concept demonstrators through to full production. This will allow you to focus on your application and not worry about designing secure hardware fit for the Internet age. These are all cyber certified and bring you peace of mind when connecting your idea to the Internet.

The final solution for your product will include secure connection to the Internet and the management of your users keys and passwords. We help you put in place the systems to manage this with certified processes.