Blueskytrac is a single IoT unit used for sensing its environment. The unit integrates sensors for GPS POSITION, MOVEMENT, VIBRATION, NOISE and AMBIENT TEMPERATURE with GSM, GPRS and BLUETOOTH secure communications, and a range of external sensors.

Key Features:

  • 70mm x 30 mm x 40mm with Magnetic or Velcro strap attachment
  • Water resistant IP65 – 2m underwater, 100% humidity, Spray and Torrential rain.
  • Temperature – freezer to dashboard (-20°C to +80°C)
  • Shock & Vibration – 2m drop onto concrete, tracked or non-tracked vehicle profile
  • Charging – 5 to 6v dc, 500mA – 1.2 Ah LiPol battery
  • GSM/GPRS world-wide connection using USSD and Data with Embedded SIM & data plan
  • 6 Axis Accelerometer for vibration, movement and compass monitoring
  • Microphone and internal temperature measurement
  • Anti-tamper with 256 bit unique key per unit
  • Data memory encrypted 128 MByte Flash, 128 KByte battery backed SRAM
  • Satellite connection where GSM is not available as an option Q4, 2017 (data plan and cost extra)

Full technical specifications are available to download here.