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Security for Industrial IoT and systems in the Critical National Infrastructure cannot be just a “software download” to your device, it needs to be built-in from the ground-up. This is because malware is a software attack and can be introduced into the system at any point, unless the hardware is secure.

Just ask AN0M:

  • Compromise the Insider
  • Compromise the Network
  • Compromise the Asset

We provide secure, commercial cyber security hardware and software that enhances the security of your product through hardware Key Space Technology ™ – trust anchor, trusted boot, encryption and authentication.

DASA – MOD Contract Award Announcement

Blueskytec are proud to announce they have been awarded Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) funding in response to the IFA 029 Reducing the Cyber-attack surface challenge, by the UK Ministry of Defence DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) based at Porton Down.

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With over thirty years of working in the fields of embedded systems and cyber-security, Blueskytec offers, through Schneider Electric, products and services that cover protection of Industrial Control Systems, Internet of Things and Transport.

Securing Your Industrial Control Systems

Through our Industrial Partner – Schneider Electric, we provide detection and protection of Industrial Control Systems, in a Zero Trust Architecture that has been defined by the NSA Zero-Trust-Architecture paper. All software based systems cannot be used to build this model, since they do not have a “Trust Anchor” (a hardware device that cannot be compromised or copied).

Securing Your IoT Products

Our module solutions may be purchased as standalone products ready for your software, or you can integrate them into your existing products with our expert consultants. These can be purchsed from us directly, or via our partner Schneider Electric.

Securing Your Transport Systems

Our cyber security systems are integrated across both hardware and software at chip and module level and we have a number of customisable products for you to use.

“Completely unique technology in the field of Industrial Control Systems”

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Devices that have traditionally been off-line, are now being connected to the internet. This brings a wealth of benefits to society, yet raises anxiety as it brings with it security challenges and digital supply chain concerns to those providing and using the devices.

Blueskytec aims to work with customers on a business–to-business basis providing cutting edge expertise in hardware, software and security. We also provide a consultancy service to integrate our standard modules with a range of sizes and capabilities into a customer’s product and adapt them to their needs.

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If you would like to make your existing product cyber-secure or are starting on a new design and want to add cyber security, then please contact us.