Why Choose Blueskytec Key Space Technology?

Quite simply, Blueskytec offers immutable hardware to protect your assets to SL4+ from all cyber attacks, with a fit and forget for 25 years. It achieves this by using 100% hardware-based logic with NO software, removing the typical attack vectors associated with ALL software approaches including VM-Ware, and a secure supply chain.

The Blueskytec hardware is 100% immutable with advanced Anti-tamper, Data At Rest and Data in Transit protection. Therefore, there is no patch management, no runtime licences, no updates, no zero-day exploits and most importantly NO central server distributing keys, just pure 100% quantum attack resistance with a 0% OPEX – you own the hardware!

The hardware has been designed for safety systems in marine, industrial, high voltage, and nuclear environments where it can survive high dose radiation, extreme temperatures and 10m + salt water/dust ingress. The technology uses low power Flash based FPGA technology for a fan-free design that does not require forced cooling.

Do you need ATEX? Mobile devices? Serial RS232/RS485 interfaces? 4G LTE? 10/100 Copper and Fibre GigE – we have units for all of these!

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What does this mean for your products?

The blueskytec devices are fitted as a “bump in the wire” in a multi-to-multi relationship, for the entire life cycle of your product (25 years) in extreme environments including space, reactor rooms and underwater marine environments, with NO maintenance or update cycles required.  Once fitted they stop 100% of all cyber attacks and exceed IEC 62443 SL4.

This was demonstrated in two, 1-year long studies. The first to the UK MoD in 2022/2023, with a study into the security resistance against the MITRE ATT&C Database. The second with US DoD Navy 2023/2024 against a typical installation and cyber attack Scenarios.

The products are 100% British – financed, designed, built, manufactured, and distributed from our secure facilities in Great Britain.

Securing Your Industrial Control Systems

Through our Industrial Partner – Schneider Electric, we provide detection and protection of Industrial Control Systems, in a Zero Trust Architecture that has been defined by the NSA Zero-Trust-Architecture paper. All software based systems cannot be used to build this model, since they do not have a “Trust Anchor” (a hardware device that cannot be compromised or copied).

Securing Your IoT Products

Our module solutions may be purchased as standalone products ready for your software, or you can integrate them into your existing products with our expert consultants. These can be purchsed from us directly, or via our partner Schneider Electric.

Securing Your Transport Systems

Our cyber security systems are integrated across both hardware and software at chip and module level and we have a number of customisable products for you to use.

DASA – MOD Contract Award Announcement

Blueskytec are proud to announce they have been awarded Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) funding in response to the IFA 029 Reducing the Cyber-attack surface challenge, by the UK Ministry of Defence DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) based at Porton Down.

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Advantages of Blueskytec Hardware Key Space Technology

  • Key Space Technology devices have keys fitted for life in a trusted device that is immutable and resistant to physical and on-line nation-state attack.

  • The Logic-based FPGA technology is 100% tested as a Finite State Machine Design with no software failure modes and no Zero-day exploits.

  • Key Space Technology is implemented using logic-based processing inside low gate count FPGA technology (<90kLE) with low clock speeds (less than 100MHz) to ensure a low power design that consumes less than 1W – Thus No Fans & No Heatsinks.

  • Key Space Technology devices are available in Industrial, Marine (Surface & Underwater), Automotive (Tracked & Wheeled), Handheld and High-Altitude Air & Space environments (NATO A1 – C4).

  • High-energy particle resistant Single Event Upset is the highest in the Industry with the FPGA being space qualified. KST is implemented using pure 100% immutable logic in relatively large (64nm process) gates that are immune to High Energy Cosmic Rays and Nuclear particles – no memory & code to disrupt.

  • Each BST hardware device contains a unique immutable Trust Anchor that is used to ensure a 100% trusted system. All communications between units are therefore guaranteed to be trusted.

  • Blueskytec hardware uses FPGA that is TUV IEC 61508 SIL 3 certified.

  • Blueskytec hardware is designed to exceed TUV IEC 62443 SL4.

  • Blueskytec hardware is designed and undergoing PBA CRST certification.


Scalable Hardware

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Security Hardened

This is not a software product. This is a highly engineered hardware solution to align with the highest levels of integrity required for marine, land, air, space applications at the nation state level of approvals for use in the Safety Critical Industry.

If you would like to make your existing product cyber-secure or are starting on a new design and want to add cyber security, then please contact us.


“Completely unique technology in the field of Industrial Control Systems”

National Cyber Security Centre