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Blueskytec response to recent cyber attack on Cisco

Overview On May 24, 2022, Cisco became aware of a potential breach in their corporate network after an employee’s personal Google account was compromised – an act a ransomware gang named Yanluowang has now claimed as its work. Cisco disclosed the months-old compromise after a list of files accessed during the incident appeared on the […]

Blueskytec response to South Staffordshire PLC cyber attack

Overview South Staffordshire PLC – A UK water company with around 1.6 million customershave been the target of a cyber attack. The ransomware group, known as Cl0p, have claimed responsibility for the attack,however, rather embarrassingly, the group mistakenly announced it had successfullyattacked Thames Water – the UK’s largest water supplier instead. Thames Water has officially […]

University hacked through vending machines

Hackers attacked an unnamed university using the school’s IoT devices, including the vending machines and smart light bulbs. The issue was only discovered following increasing complaints from students and facility about slow network connections. A review by a Verizon research team revealed over 5000 hacked IoT devices were slowing the network by making seafood-related DNS […]