Traditional cyber security offerings versus Blueskytec

Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) are critical to modern society. They help keep energy and water supply functioning, transport vital goods in a safe and reliable manner, and protect people from harmful chemicals and radiation. However, many industrial control systems are also susceptible to attacks from malicious actors, who can cause power outage or even physical […]

Blueskytec response to recent cyber attack on Cisco

Overview On May 24, 2022, Cisco became aware of a potential breach in their corporate network after an employee’s personal Google account was compromised – an act a ransomware gang named Yanluowang has now claimed as its work. Cisco disclosed the months-old compromise after a list of files accessed during the incident appeared on the […]

Blueskytec response to South Staffordshire PLC cyber attack

Overview South Staffordshire PLC – A UK water company with around 1.6 million customershave been the target of a cyber attack. The ransomware group, known as Cl0p, have claimed responsibility for the attack,however, rather embarrassingly, the group mistakenly announced it had successfullyattacked Thames Water – the UK’s largest water supplier instead. Thames Water has officially […]

Blueskytec awarded Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) funding by the UK Ministry of Defence DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory).

Blueskytec, a technology company based in Bath in the UK, announce they have been awarded Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) funding in response to the IFA 029 Reducing the Cyber-attack surface challenge, by the UK Ministry of Defence Dstl (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory) based at Porton Down.  The contract will demonstrate Blueskytec’s application of […]

Google Intros SLSA Framework to Enforce Supply Chain Integrity The U.S. tech giant this week unveiled SLSA (Supply chain Levels for Software Artifacts), a new end-to-end framework the company hopes will drive the enforcement of standards and guidelines to ensuring the integrity of software artifacts throughout the software supply chain. The long-term goal is for SLSA to support the automatic creation of auditable […]

UNC2465 cybercrime group launched a supply chain attack on CCTV vendor An affiliate of the Darkside ransomware gang, tracked as UNC2465, has conducted a supply chain attack against a CCTV vendor, Mandiant researchers discovered. UNC2465 is considered one of the main affiliated of the DARKSIDE group, along with other affiliates gangs tracked by FireEye/Mandiant as UNC2628 and UNC2659. The crooks compromised the website of the […]

Blueskytec and Schneider Electric

Blueskytec are proud to have been selected by Schneider Electric as strategic partners in securing the UK/US Critical National Infrastructure. This strategic partnership leverages the Blueskytec Key Space Technology ™ Zero Trust Architecture technology into Industrial systems including energy distribution, renewables, smart cities, and many other areas of global interest for Schneider Electric. We are […]